Issue 18: October 2007

Living Heritage Day

As part of LIANZA’s Library Week, Thursday 18 October will see public and school libraries working together to host Living Heritage Day celebrations that will showcase completed websites, plan for future projects and may feature local speakers.

Libraries are encouraged to connect with their local schools during Library Week to help them share their projects with the local community.

Make contact with your local library and collaborate with them to showcase your schools past and current Living Heritage projects.

Here are some ways that libraries could involve their schools:

Invite people from schools along to talk about their projects, teachers, students, librarians e.g.

Run a PPT or slideshow of the project, play audios or videos from the projects e.g.

Organise a panel discussion about issues in your area that are presented in projects e.g.

Organise a tour of a place or places in your area that have been subjects of projects e.g.

Invite a person who is the topic of a project to come and meet people, (authors could be asked to read their stories and answer questions) e.g.

Create a display of books by the authors, illustrators etc. e.g.

Create a display of books relating to a topic. e.g.

Organise a festival celebrating a particular culture e.g.


Best wishes
Brenda Crozier
Living Heritage Project Manager
Fia Sandstrom
Project coordinator

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